Just hear those Jingle Bells

Tis’ the season to be jolly………….. Not only jolly but a time to give back to those who need help. I have been told many times that I am a selfless person yet I have never agreed completely with that statement. Today I had a selfless act that I was nervous about in the beginning but ended up being one of the greatest memories I will have.

Today I rang the bell for the Salvation Army. I have seen the bell ringers every Holiday Season in my life. You know the ones that stand outside the stores wearing the red apron ringing that loud annoying bell while standing by a red bucket they want you to put money in.


I always try to not make eye contact because I either don’t have money or I just do not want someone making me feel pressured to put money in that bucket!! Sometimes these people are just standing there, ringing that bell with no emotion on their face looking like they are ready to be done with all these people looking at them and other times it is that super friendly person smiling at you telling you Merry Christmas (I think how can someone be so cheerful all the time).

Well today I got to be that cheerful “Merry Christmas” person ringing my bell. I was nervous at first, I am a shy person by nature but with my buddy Charlene at my side and her big personality we had a blast. We laughed, did dance routines, performed a kick line routine, almost hit people in the head with our bells and performed the hand jive to Jingle Bells. The main purpose of us being there was to raise money and we did, we filled our bucket but more than that, we found enjoyment.

We had the pleasure of putting smiles on so many people’s faces. We laughed and shared that laughter to those who were walking up with no emotion on their faces. We rc’d  compliments for our enjoyment and time. We not only gave but equally rc’d peace, joy and love to those who saw us today.


Did you know that those who ring the bell are volunteers who give of their time to help benefit those in need? Did you know that all the money rc’d in those bright red buckets (or kettles) stays within the county it is rc’d in to help those in need in that county?

This little act performed became a big act, not just for me but for so many others.

I encourage everyone to add some joy to someone’s else’s life, you just might be surprised the enjoyment you get in your life. Merry Christmas!

Logomakr_6DdQMy (1)_opt


I know I might seem all positive but I have my moments. I am actually a negative thinker, if someone presents me with something I immediately think of all the negative things that could happen. I personally call this being a realist.

However with that being said, I have had some tough times in my life and I could have chosen to let that get me down and had a poor attitude and miserable life…BUT I didn’t do that!!  I tried to find the positive in those things and change the way I looked at things.

We know there is no one in this life that could possibly be happy all the time with nothing ever bothering them.

In this section of my blog you will get the pleasure of finding out the things in the world that frustrate me, such as:

  • common courtesy
  • good old manners
  • working for what you get
  • there are things in the world that are not fair
  • ugh people these days

I will not be mean and hateful, just point out somethings that bother me with some humor. Most of them are LITTLE things but added up become BIG things or are BIG things for some people.

My kids are probably so glad they don’t have to hear these anymore EXCEPT I made each of them subscribe to this blog to give me more traffic, so they still get to hear me (this is hoping they are reading my blogs).


Of course I have a home, it’s about 2000 square feet, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with 2 car garage and large back patio. I have lived in my brick home for about 14 years. This was a great starter home for my family at the time. Being a single mother at the time with 3 young children I knew we needed to live in town with close neighbors in case the kids needed anything and it made me feel better.

My kids have grown up in this home and most family events were held in this home. This home is full of memories and love, yet I knew when buying it it would not be a forever home.

Now I am re-married with all grown kids not living at home (it sure is quite) plus we are more financially stable we are pursuing our dream/forever home.

This section of my blog will walk you through the process of us buying land, selling current home and building our forever home. I like to plan, make lots of notes and think of every possibility that could occur. I will create worksheets and tools that you can use in your life throughout this process.

I have always heard that building a house is a nightmare. As with everything else in my life I am sure the LITTLE chore of building this house will create BIG memories and love in my life and future.

Craft Club

You just might want to become a member of craft club after reading this post.

I like to craft and find it relaxing. I am not the best of coming up with my own ideas but I sure can recreate something I see. I will share some of those creations and more I create in this section of my blog. DIY………….I sure do try.

When I was in nursing school I was a poor single mom of 3 young kids, let’s face it……….KIDS=stress……….BEING POOR=stress……..SCHOOL=stress, I needed something to relax and chill me out at times. I met a wonderful person, who became my best friend, Kim Penny in nursing school and she liked to craft also.

We would go to thrift shops, good will, dumpster dive and get things off the side of the road to craft with and add decor to our homes while being poor. Kim, unlike me, has a gift of creating her own ideas.

While in nursing school we meet a few more people who liked to craft and we started to meet at someone’s house every once in a while to craft. This was a great time of friendship, laughter and relaxing that we all needed.

So why the name you ask………I am getting there. My sister Amber (she is the funny one of us kids) thought this was so funny and began asking:

  • “Are you having CRAFT CLUB this week?”
  • “What’s the craft at CRAFT CLUB this week?”

This is still something she will bring up to this day whenever I craft.  “OH did you make that at CRAFT CLUB?”     “Is it time for CRAFT CLUB?”  When Amber had a little girl she would send me pictures of things she needed me to make at CRAFT CLUB.

This LITTLE activity and CLUB helped me and friends in a BIG way to get through nursing school without going crazy and now it allows our family lots of laughter.

Now Amber still has not asked to join craft club (I know secretly she wants to) but you can feel free to ask and join CRAFT CLUB or subscribe to my blog and look for my CRAFT CLUB creations.

My Herd

I know you are thinking what does this mean. This is my blogging area for my family.

Many years ago, back when I was a single mother with young children we were at a family friendly gathering and a lady there made the comment “Selena and her herd”. Now let me clarify my kids were well behaved children who did not run a muck in people’s homes, they still have manners that were learned when they were very young.  This woman made the comment with a sarcastic tone and to be mean.

This LITTLE comment could have upset me or made my children feel bad about their life but Nope not this family.  We turned it and made it a family joke that is still joked about and laughed at now. This LITTLE comment has brought BIG things into our life:

  • Laughter
  • The ability to take things with a grain of salt
  • The ability to find positive
  • Memories
  • The ability to grow
  • The ability to be the bigger person
  • The true meaning of family

Often the LITTLE things are actually BIG things or turn into BIG things in life.

First blog post

Well here it goes….day 1 post 1….what was I thinking.

I drive a lot with my job as a hospice nurse therefore I have tons of thinking times. Almost all of the time I am thinking about “How can I make more money.” The funny thing is when I was a single mom with 3 very active children my second thought was never “How am I going to have time for anything extra.” Over the years I have tried the home parties of selling make-up and jewelry, the thing I learned is that I am NOT a salesperson.

Now that I am married and my kids are young adults no longer living at home I have that extra time but NO CLUE what to do. I like to do a lot of things but I am no master of anything. I have experienced some health issues over the last few years that are slowing improving so now I am again…..THINKING.

So why blogging:

  • It’s the thing now
  • If my daughter can do it so can I
  • I like learning and trying new things
  • It gives me something to do
  • Maybe just maybe one day I will figure out how to make money from it
  • Oh and I think I can be funny sometimes

So through my blog I will not focus on just one topic but have many topics such as: my health issues, being a single mom, being an empty nester, building my dream home, adjusting to married life, crafts, rants and anything else I might think of while driving. Please join me for these blogs and my life as it changes with adult kids and finding myself.