First blog post

Well here it goes….day 1 post 1….what was I thinking.

I drive a lot with my job as a hospice nurse therefore I have tons of thinking times. Almost all of the time I am thinking about “How can I make more money.” The funny thing is when I was a single mom with 3 very active children my second thought was never “How am I going to have time for anything extra.” Over the years I have tried the home parties of selling make-up and jewelry, the thing I learned is that I am NOT a salesperson.

Now that I am married and my kids are young adults no longer living at home I have that extra time but NO CLUE what to do. I like to do a lot of things but I am no master of anything. I have experienced some health issues over the last few years that are slowing improving so now I am again…..THINKING.

So why blogging:

  • It’s the thing now
  • If my daughter can do it so can I
  • I like learning and trying new things
  • It gives me something to do
  • Maybe just maybe one day I will figure out how to make money from it
  • Oh and I think I can be funny sometimes

So through my blog I will not focus on just one topic but have many topics such as: my health issues, being a single mom, being an empty nester, building my dream home, adjusting to married life, crafts, rants and anything else I might think of while driving. Please join me for these blogs and my life as it changes with adult kids and finding myself.


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