My Herd

I know you are thinking what does this mean. This is my blogging area for my family.

Many years ago, back when I was a single mother with young children we were at a family friendly gathering and a lady there made the comment “Selena and her herd”. Now let me clarify my kids were well behaved children who did not run a muck in people’s homes, they still have manners that were learned when they were very young.  This woman made the comment with a sarcastic tone and to be mean.

This LITTLE comment could have upset me or made my children feel bad about their life but Nope not this family.  We turned it and made it a family joke that is still joked about and laughed at now. This LITTLE comment has brought BIG things into our life:

  • Laughter
  • The ability to take things with a grain of salt
  • The ability to find positive
  • Memories
  • The ability to grow
  • The ability to be the bigger person
  • The true meaning of family

Often the LITTLE things are actually BIG things or turn into BIG things in life.

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