Craft Club

You just might want to become a member of craft club after reading this post.

I like to craft and find it relaxing. I am not the best of coming up with my own ideas but I sure can recreate something I see. I will share some of those creations and more I create in this section of my blog. DIY………….I sure do try.

When I was in nursing school I was a poor single mom of 3 young kids, let’s face it……….KIDS=stress……….BEING POOR=stress……..SCHOOL=stress, I needed something to relax and chill me out at times. I met a wonderful person, who became my best friend, Kim Penny in nursing school and she liked to craft also.

We would go to thrift shops, good will, dumpster dive and get things off the side of the road to craft with and add decor to our homes while being poor. Kim, unlike me, has a gift of creating her own ideas.

While in nursing school we meet a few more people who liked to craft and we started to meet at someone’s house every once in a while to craft. This was a great time of friendship, laughter and relaxing that we all needed.

So why the name you ask………I am getting there. My sister Amber (she is the funny one of us kids) thought this was so funny and began asking:

  • “Are you having CRAFT CLUB this week?”
  • “What’s the craft at CRAFT CLUB this week?”

This is still something she will bring up to this day whenever I craft.  “OH did you make that at CRAFT CLUB?”     “Is it time for CRAFT CLUB?”  When Amber had a little girl she would send me pictures of things she needed me to make at CRAFT CLUB.

This LITTLE activity and CLUB helped me and friends in a BIG way to get through nursing school without going crazy and now it allows our family lots of laughter.

Now Amber still has not asked to join craft club (I know secretly she wants to) but you can feel free to ask and join CRAFT CLUB or subscribe to my blog and look for my CRAFT CLUB creations.

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