Of course I have a home, it’s about 2000 square feet, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with 2 car garage and large back patio. I have lived in my brick home for about 14 years. This was a great starter home for my family at the time. Being a single mother at the time with 3 young children I knew we needed to live in town with close neighbors in case the kids needed anything and it made me feel better.

My kids have grown up in this home and most family events were held in this home. This home is full of memories and love, yet I knew when buying it it would not be a forever home.

Now I am re-married with all grown kids not living at home (it sure is quite) plus we are more financially stable we are pursuing our dream/forever home.

This section of my blog will walk you through the process of us buying land, selling current home and building our forever home. I like to plan, make lots of notes and think of every possibility that could occur. I will create worksheets and tools that you can use in your life throughout this process.

I have always heard that building a house is a nightmare. As with everything else in my life I am sure the LITTLE chore of building this house will create BIG memories and love in my life and future.

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