I know I might seem all positive but I have my moments. I am actually a negative thinker, if someone presents me with something I immediately think of all the negative things that could happen. I personally call this being a realist.

However with that being said, I have had some tough times in my life and I could have chosen to let that get me down and had a poor attitude and miserable life…BUT I didn’t do that!!  I tried to find the positive in those things and change the way I looked at things.

We know there is no one in this life that could possibly be happy all the time with nothing ever bothering them.

In this section of my blog you will get the pleasure of finding out the things in the world that frustrate me, such as:

  • common courtesy
  • good old manners
  • working for what you get
  • there are things in the world that are not fair
  • ugh people these days

I will not be mean and hateful, just point out somethings that bother me with some humor. Most of them are LITTLE things but added up become BIG things or are BIG things for some people.

My kids are probably so glad they don’t have to hear these anymore EXCEPT I made each of them subscribe to this blog to give me more traffic, so they still get to hear me (this is hoping they are reading my blogs).

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